Environmental Voting

2015 Environmental Attitudes survey by EarthJustice & Green Latinos shows that Latino voters have a strong commitment to conservation, the environment, and how climate change affects their communities:


California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund Releases Results of New Statewide Poll on California Voters’ Environmental Values, Press Release, Oct 4, 2012,

3 Year Polling Analysis: Latinos Clearly Value Conservation
, HECHO, Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting & Outdoors, August 20, 2014,

New Report Shows Overwhelming Latino Support for Conservation, Underscores Potential Impact on Mid-term Elections in Western States,
Hispanic Access Foundation, August 20, 2014

Building a Broader Conservation Movement,
Mark Tercek and Hazel Wong, The Nature Conservancy, February 28, 2014,

Wait, who says people of color don’t care about the climate?
Brentin Mock, grist, November 3, 2014,

Sovereignty the Main Course at Good Food Movement Conference,
New American Media, Khalil Abdullah June 1, 2014

Why Minorities are Greener than the Rest of the Population,
Marina Fang, Climate Progress July 29, 2013,

The Policy Priorities and Issue Preferences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders,
National Asian American Survey, September 2012

Race, Ethnicity & Public Responses to Climate Change
Anthony Leiserowitz, George Mason University 2010,

Most Latinos want government action on climate change, poll finds,
Tony Barboza, LA Times, January 24, 2014

Ethnic Voters Want Environmental Protections, but do Their Lawmakers?
Ngoc Nguyen, May 12, 2014

Playing the Environment Card: A Winning Strategy for Mobilizing Latinos in 2014,
Adrian Pantoja, Latino Decisions, October 22, 2014,

Americans of Color put Whites to Shame on Climate,
Sara Bernard, grist, September 26, 2014,

Voters of Color and Conservation–Key National Survey Findings,
October 2009, Public Opinion Strategies and Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates Public Policy Analysis,
Read the report

Table of Contents

Environmental Justice

Everybody’s Movement: Environmental Justice and Climate Change, Angela Park, December 2009, Environmental Support Center,

Coast Salish Unite Against Tripling Capacity of Kinder Morgan Tar Sands Pipeline,
Indian Country Today Media Network, Terri Hansen, Oct 27, 2014

EPA Climate Justice Blog: Working with Municipalities and Communities to Bring New Solutions to Old Problems,
Suzanne Murray with John Blevins, Indian Country Media Today, November 4, 2014,

Saving a Local Marsh Protects Parchester Village from Rising Seas Richmond Pulse, Edgardo Cervano-Soto, June 11, 2014

Pollution, Poverty and People of Color: Living with Industry,
Jane Kay and Cheryl Katz, June 4, 2012

Pollution, Poverty and People of Color: Can Multiculturalism Create Environmental Justice?
Cheryl Katz and Jane Kay, June 5, 2012,

Study: African American Exposure to Polluted Air 38% Higher than Whites,
AFRO Staff, April 25, 2014,

Environmental Harmony,
James Mills, High Country News, February 2010

Environmental justice works-and these folks show us how,
Brentin Mock, grist, September 18, 2014

Tribes and the Environment

Eastern Cherokee Ban Forbids Fracking on its Sovereign Lands, Indian Country Today Media Network, ICTM Staff, October 20, 2014

10 Environmental Victories and Triumphs of 2013,
Indian Country Today Media Network Dec 31, 2013,

Tribes, Youth, Faith, and Science Leaders Focus on Environment,
Dustin Bleizeffer, Wyofile, October 13, 2014,

Blackfoot Confederacy Battles Oil & Gas Developer for Sacred Badger-Two Medicine Origin Site,
Teri Hansen, Indian Country Media Network, November 11, 2014,

Diversity and the Environmental Movement

The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations: Mainstream NGOs, Foundations & Government Agencies, Written by Dorceta Taylor, Ph.D.; Commissioned by Green 2.0
Read the report

The Racial Gap on Global Warming,
FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten, Sept 23, 2014

The Environmental Movement’s Unfunded Army,
Stanford Social Innovation Review, Danielle Deane and Melissa Bradley, April 22, 2014

Are there two different versions of environmentalism, one “white,” one “black”?
Brentin Mock, grist July 31, 2014,

Think people of color don’t care about the environment? Think again,
Brentin Mock, grist, July 29, 2014,

In the fight for bike-safe streets, we’ll need everyone to join the ride,
Sara Bernard, grist, November 1, 2014,

Green must diversify or die,
Brentin Mock, grist, August 26, 2014,

Hiking While Black: The untold story.
Boston Globe on Dr. Carolyn Finney’s research

Environmental Organizations lag behind the private sector on diversity,
Autumn Spanne, The Guardian September 4, 2014

New report expounds on old problem: Lack of diversity in green groups,
Brentin Mock, grist, July 28, 2014,

Green Comes in Many Shades,
Kristyn Komarnicki Prism Magazine, Summer 2014,

Latinos Are Ready to Fight Climate Change—Are Green Groups Ready for Them?
Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation, December 5, 2012,

Puzzling Lack of Ethnic Diversity in the American Environmental Movement,
Utne Reader, March/April 2012,

Why the Environmental Movement is Not Winning,
Peter Montague, AlterNet, February 24, 2012,

Race must be part of the environmental conversation,
Fred Tutman, The Baltimore Sun, November 28, 2011,

Colorful world of birding has conspicuous lack of people of color,
Martha Hamilton, National Geographic, September 23, 2014

State of the Work d5 Coalition, Successes & Challenges in creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive sector

“Diversifying the American Environmental Movement”
by Charles Jordan & Marcelo Bonta
Read the chapter

“Diversifying the Conservation Movement”
by Charles Jordan & Marcelo Bonta
Read the article

Diversity and the Future of the U.S. Environmental Movement


Oregon’s Latino Leaders are Raising the bar in green building, Stephen Aigiuer, Portland Business Journal, August 16, 2012,

This Southside Chicago neighborhood is about to become a national park,
Lori Rotenberk, grist, November 12, 2014,

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