Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC) National Meetings


OCTOBER 19-22, 2016


Join us in Madison, WI to share your voice, connect with others and build on the incredible momentum you have for the movement.


This year, the Center for Diversity & the Environment (CDE) and the members of Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC) network are excited to host their national meeting in partnership with North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) during their 45th annual conference.

WHEN: Thursday, October 20, 2016
TIME: 2:15 PM – 5:30 PM
WHAT: Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC) National Meetings
WHERE: NAAEE 45th Annual Conference, Madison, WI
MEETING ONE: 2:15PM – 3:45PM
Introduction to Environmental Professionals of Color — open to all individuals interested in learning more about EPOC
Join EPOC members and CDE to learn more about the movement, meet the coalition and be inspired to start your own EPOC chapter in your community.
MEETING TWO: 4:00PM – 5:30PM
Environmental Professionals of Color Business Meeting — open to EPOC members and potential members
EPOC business meeting is open to all EPOC members and potential members. We will build community connections, discuss lessons learned, and identify potential priority areas for the next year. EPOC is a program of the Center for Diversity & the Environment.
POST MEETINGS: Straight to happy hour or to HHMI reception


Register today and on the “Optional Events” page, be sure to select the EPOC Business Meeting.

Questions about CDE or EPOC, please contact Queta Gonzalez.
Questions about the NAAEE conference, please contact Christiane Maertens.

Center For Diversity & The Environment —

At the CDE we harness the power of racial & ethnic diversity to transform the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, catalyzing change within institutions, and building alliances.
CDE grew out of the belief that everyone has a place in the environmental movement. We build bridges between communities of color and the environmental community. At a time when there are over 100 million people of color living in the U.S.—a number that is projected to more than double by 2050—CDE is working to address the root causes of the diversity crisis at the heart of the U.S. environmental movement. We believe that diversity is critical to a politically, culturally and nancially strong movement.

Our work cultivates and supports individual change agents as a powerful force of reimagining, reshaping and redirecting the movement. We strive to build capacity in organizations to diversify, to support people of color in the environmental movement, to build cross-cultural coalitions and to ensure that we are creating meaningful and lasting change in the evolving conversation about the environment, environmental justice, racial equity & inclusion.

Environmental Professionals of Color Network —

The Environmental Professionals of Color National Network is a Center for Diversity & the Environment program that is growing a community of leaders of color across the USA at work on a vast array of critical environmental issues, from habitat conservation to environmental justice to upstream public health. The EPOC network connects people of color who are engaged in a fundamental cultural shift in today’s environmental movement: from a historically homogenous culture to one that supports people of color thriving & innovating in a variety of positions. EPOC members play unique and valuable roles as change agents bridging the environmental community and communities of color. EPOC is working to build coalitions that address the diversity crisis at the heart of the environmental movement.

We hope to see you in Madison!

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