This 2½-day immersion retreat engages environmental leaders with a thirst for bringing their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion change work to the next level. This program is ideal for individuals at the intermediate level of understanding barriers to inclusion and equity, and who seek to refine their skills at approaching the work as well as wish to develop new tools for identifying action-based solutions at the movement wide, organizational, and individual levels. Participants can expect to go into a deep exploration of their individual lenses and filters, and to bravely examine the role of power and privilege in their lives, their work, and in the larger environmental movement.

The focus of this retreat was borne out of community recommendations farmed directly from our first community forum series held in 2008 and 2009. While this retreat is open enrollment, participants should expect to come into EPPTC familiar with foundational diversity work. This means entering the retreat space open, willing, and ready to talk about the personal and systemic implications of power and privilege and how they are informed by race and white privilege. Participants should have a genuine desire to deepen their understanding of power and privilege as it plays out in their own lives and in the history of the environmental movement, and from there, be willing to step into sincerity and vulnerability. The EPPTC conversation will go as deep as the assembled participants will let it, and the outcomes will be proportional to the level of openness each person brings.


Feedback from EPPTC Participants:

“This event was a pleasantly refreshing experience – like a drink of cool water. It was an opportunity to engage with others on a level that I normally don’t see in my day to day experience but very much needed to have. It was also an opportunity to set-up a platform for myself to redefine my role as a change agent and what it means to be working in the trenches of a movement bigger than myself. For me this experience meant revolution, revitalization, and re-commitment.”

“It was a significant stepping stone for me and my org – I hope to take the knowledge I learned and put it into practice in a meaningful and authentic way. Lots to do, lots more to learn, but I feel inspired and empowered to begin making those steps.”

“This retreat helped to underscore the important role I play in advocating for our diversity and inclusion initiative. As someone who at least looks like the dominant group at our organization and as a senior manager, I have influence I can use to advance our cause.”

189215_10150100888508204_301137768203_6222348_7578412_n“[The retreat] meant a lot. This work is important, and as a person of color who has been working in this movement for 7 years, it’s long overdue!”

Now open for registration!

Exploring Power, Privilege and Tools for Change
August 9-13, 2021
9am-1pm PST each day
Course sessions will take place on Zoom
Registration and payment link for Exploring Power, Privilege and Tools for Change: https://cdeinspires.salsalabs.org/epptccdeopenenrollmenttraining

Program Fees:

Program tuition is $750. Once payment has been received, an email will be sent with details to complete your registration and prepare for your course.

There may be some partial scholarships available with demonstrated need. Please reach out to Jody Van Riper at operations@cdeinspires.org.

How to Register:

Registration will be limited to the first 20 participants who sign up. Additional names will be added to a wait list. Please submit any questions to operations@cdeinspires.org