Kendra Aguilar, Creeks, Drainage & Wastewater Advisory Committee, Seattle Public Utilities EPPTC

Michael Ahr, West Multnomah SWCD EPPTC

Frank Aiello, Board Member, Heart of the Lakes Center for Land Conservation Policy; Assoc. Professor, Thomas M. Cooley Law School 2042 Today

Christina Aiu, Intern, The Trust for Public Land 2042 Today

Robert Aldrich, Communications Director, Land Trust Alliance E42 National

Karim Al-Khafaji, Manager, The Bridgespan Group 2042 Today

Lylianna Allala, Recruiter & Coordinator, Student Conservation Association Northwest E42, 2042 Today

Melanie Allen, Conservation & Diversity Coordinator, Conservation Trust for North Carolina E42 National, 2042 Today

Avery C. Anderson, Executive Director, The Quivira Coalition 2042 Today

Cassandra Anderson, Historic Programs and Youth Volunteer Coordinator, National Park Service EPPTC

Susan Anderson, Director, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability E42

Eddie Araujo, Director of Park Stewardship, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy EPPTC

Christina Armold, Program Officer, The Russell Family Foundation EPPTC

Michael Armstrong, Senior Sustainability Manager, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability E42

Tana Atchley, Trival Workforce Development & Outreach Coordinator, Columbia River Inter-Trival Fish Commission E42 EE

Marisa Aurora Quiroz, Director, Center for Civic Engagement, San Diego Foundation 2042 Today

Rangana Azimzadeh, Senior Director, Ubuntu Green EPPTC

Terry Baker, District Ranger, McKenzie River Ranger District, USDA Forest Service E42

Sam Baraso, Project Manager, Ecosystem Services E42 EE

Bruce Barbarasch, Superintendent of Natural Resources, Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation EPPTC

David Barre, Communications Director, Greenpeace EPPTC

Alex Bauermeister, Senior Program Manager, Center for Whole Communities E42 National

Jesse Beason, Director of Public Affairs, Northwest Health Foundation E42

Gaylen Beatty, Founder & Manager, Backyard Habitat Certification Program, Columbia Land Trust E42, EPPTC

Victoria Beaumont, Solid Waste Planning, Seattle Public Utilities EPPTC

Rob Bennet, Executive Director, Portland Sustainability Institute E42

Natalie Bennon, Principal, Springtale Strategic Communications EPPTC

Kirin Bhatti, Creative Strategist, Purna Playground EPPTC

Jenn Bildersee, Program Coordinator, City of Portland Brownfield Program EPPTC

Caitlin Blethen, Youth Grow Manager, Growing Gardens EPPTC

Charice Bourdeaux, Programs Manager, Utah Society for Environmental Education 2042 Today

Dan Bravin, Food Program Coordinator, Multnomah County EPPTC

Amy Brown, Youth Leadership Manager, North Cascades Institute EPPTC

Sprinavasa Brown, Founder & Executive Director, Camp ELSO E42 EE

Domonique Burgunder-Johnson, Online Advocacy Manager, National Wildlife Federation 2042 Today

Julie Burman, Drinking Water Planner, Seattle Public Utilities EPPTC

Stacy Cachules, Volunteer and Outreach Programs Manager, Cascade Land Conservancy EPPTC

Pete Caligiuri, AmeriCorps Volunteer, The Nature Conservancy 2042 Today

Nestor Campos, Verde E42 EE

Shawn Cantrell, Executive Director, Seattle Audubon Society EPPTC

Maceo Carillo Martinet, Ecologist & Educator, US Fish and Wildlife Service; Querencia Institute 2042 Today

Eric Carr, Clackamas SWCD EPPTC

Simeon Caskey, California River Restoration Fellow, American Rivers 2042 Today

Kevin Chang, Executive Director, Kua’aina Ulu ‘Auamo (KUA) E42 National, 2042 Today

Ronda Chapman, Sustainability Projects Facilitator, George Washington University EPPTC, E42

Jeff Chen, Co-Founder, Pick Up America; Special Initiatives & Outreach Coordinator, Student Conservation Association E42 National, 2042 Today

Jonathan Chen, Self-employed, Living Life, Inc. 2042 Today

Linus Chen, Attorney, MD Solicitor’s Office 2042 Today

Molly Chidsey, Sustainability Coordinator, Senior Planner, Metro Regional Government E42

Belinda Chin, Education Program Supervisor, City of Seattle Parks and Recreation EPPTC, E42 National

Stephanie Cholmondeley, Executive Director, The Tree Program E42

Janny Choy, 2042 Today

Lara Christensen, Program Officer, Gray Family Foundation E42 EE

Sonja Claxton, Organizational Wellness Coordinator, Common Market 2042 Today

Cassie Cohen, Executive Director, Groundwork Portland E42

David Cohen, The Intertwine Alliance EPPTC

Matthew Collins, Education Director, Friends of Tryon Creek EPPTC

Blair Condon, Manager of Research & Communications, Green Spaces Alliance EPPTC

Mary Coolidge, Free Lance Biologist/Communications Assistant, Self-Employed E42 EE

Wendy Cooper, Executive Director, Georgian Bay Land Trust 2042 Today

Rodrigo Corona, Consultant Extraordinaire, Independent E42

Dan Corum, Compost/Recycling Coordinator, Woodland Park Zoo EPPTC

Sarah Costello, Vice President, Living Future Institute EPPTC

Tom Costello, Sanctuaries Director, Audubon Society of Portland E42

Michele Crim, Sustainability Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability EPPTC

Jayne Cronlund, Executive Director, Three Rivers Land Conservancy EPPTC

Amanda Cundiff, Regional Partner Liason, USDA Forest Service 2042 Today

Carla Danley, EPPTC

Mona Das, Mortgage Broker, River Capital E42

Sabiha Daudi, EPPTC

Scott Davison, Vocoform E42 EE

Kristi Davis, Regional Gift Officer, Student Conservation Association 2042 Today

Tony DeFalco, Living Cully Ecodistrict Coordinator, Verde EPPTC Portland

Pukhraj Deol, Oregon State University Extension EPPTC

Jim Desmond, Sustainability Center Director, Metro Regional Government EPPTC

Sheilagh Diez, Naturalist, Metro EPPTC, EE42 EE

Andrew Dillon Bustin, Research Associate, Trust for Public Land 2042 Today

Susan Dobkins, Program Officer, The Russell Family Foundation EPPTC

Djimet Dogo, Africa House Director, IRCO E42 EE

Steph Dozono, EPPTC

Derwin Dubose, Diversity Chair, Conservation Trust for North Carolina 2042 Today

Maria Durana, Senior Volunteer Coordinator, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy EPPTC

Andrea Durbin, Executive Director, Oregon Environmental Council E42

Alan Durning, Executive Director, Sightline Institute EPPTC

Ryan Ewing, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Choose Clean Water Coalition, National Wildlife Federation 2042 Today

Anna Fahey, Senior Communications Strategist, Sightline Institute EPPTC

Shadia Fayne Wood, Co-coordinator and founder, Project Survival Media 2042 Today

Katherine Faz, Division Chief, Interpretation & Visitor Services, National Park Service 2042Today

Carolyn Finney, Faculty and Board Member, Center for Whole Communities 2042Today

Kimm Fox-Middleton, Supervisory Park Ranger, National Park Service EPPTC 2009, E42

Justin Freiberg, Farmer-in-chief, Urban Foodshed Collaborative 2042 Today

Michael Gale, Director, Office of Youth, Partnerships & Service, U.S. Department of the Interior 2042 Today

Josh Gannis, Associate Director of Community Services, Crissy Field Center EPPTC

Sue Gardner, Director Parks Stewardship Program, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy EPPTC

Tomas Garduno, Former Co-Director, SouthWest Organizing Project 2042 Today

Maria Soledad Gaztambide-Arandes, Policy and Government Relations Coordinator, Para la Naturaleza 2042 Today

Zan Gibbs, Healthcare Project Coordinator, Home Forward EPPTC

Jose Gonzalez, Program Manager & Fellow, Radio Bilingue/Butler-Koshland Fellowships 2042 Today

Jay Graves, Congressional District 3 Chair, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department E42

Elise Griffin, Program Advisor and Youth Board Coordinator, Eco Education 2042 Today

Carl Grimm, Metro Regional Government EPPTC

Heidi Guenin, Transportation Policy Coordinator, Upstream Public Health E42

Maria Elena Guerra, Property & Asset Management Director, Farmworker Housing Development Corporation EPPTC

Ernie Guerrero, Step Up Program Director, Open Meadow Alternative Schools, Inc.; Co-Founder, Confluence Environmental Center EPPTC, E42

Karen Guillen-Chapman, Outreach Program Coordinator, Portland Parks & Recreation EPPTC, E42

Marce Gutierrez, Founder & Director, Azul Project E42 National

Christine Hagerbaumer, Deputy Director, Oregon Environmental Council EPPTC

Emily Hague, Stewardship Manager, Monadnock Conservancy 2042 Today

Keri Handaly, City of Gresham EPPTC

Esther Handy,
Legislative Aide, Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien EPPTC

Christine Hannen Smith, Conservation Education Specialist, Holston River Soil and Water Conservation District EPPTC

Terri Hansen, Freelance Writer, High Country News EPPTC

Jenna Hanson, Education Director, Trinity River Audubon Center EPPTC

Alma Hares, City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability EPPTC

Susan Harper, Public Engagement & Planning Specialist, Seattle Public Utilities EPPTC

Kristen Harrison, Partnership Collaboratory Director, Portland Metro STEM Partnership, E42 EE

Samantha Harvey, Program Manager, The Overbrook Foundation E42 National, 2042 Today

Lisa Heigh, Senior Solid Waste Planner, Metro Regional Government EPPTC

Effenus Henderson, CEO, HenderWorks, Inc. E42

Tia Henderson, Research Manager, Upstream Public Health EPPTC

Allison Hill-Graves, Executive Director, Community Cycling Center E42

Sarah Hodgdon, National Program Director, Sierra Club EPPTC

Margie Hoffman, Board Member, OLCV; Strategies 360 E42

John Hoffnagle, Oregon State Parks Foundation E42 EE

Jenny Holmes, Interfaith Network for Earth Concerns Director, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon EPPTC

Alex Hooker, Community Program Manager, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy EPPTC

Brook Hopper, Outdoor Exploration & Community Development, The North Face EPPTC

Tresa Horney, Organizer, Oregon League of Conservation Voters E42

Shin Shin Hsia, Program Logistics Coordinator, EarthCorps E42, 2042 Today

Susan Hughes, Director, Bexar Audubon Society; Executive Director, Bexar Land Trust EPPTC

Dionna Humphrey, Senior Online Strategist, Greenpeace EPPTC

Tinsley Hunsdorfer, Community & Social Media Manager, Audubon Society of Portland EPPTC

Janice Huseby, Board of Directors, Washington Environmental Council EPPTC

Duncan Hwang, Deputy Director, Asian Pacific Action Network of Oregon E42 EE

Carolina Iraheta Gonzalez, Safe Routes to School Organizer, Portland Bureau of Transportation E42

Sherrie Jackson, Operations Coordinator, Confluence Environmental Center EPPTC

Roberto Jiminez, Executive Director, Farmworker Housing Development Corporation E42

Julianne Johnson, AmeriCorps Project Conserve, Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy 2042 Today

Lara Jones, Program Director, Confluence Environmental Center EPPTC

Norah Kates, Green Cities Project Associate, Cascade Land Conservancy EPPTC

Carri Katonah, Program Coordinator, Student Conservation Association EPPTC

Jon Kawaguchi, Environmental Health Supervisor, Multnomah County EPPTC

Cesia Kearns, Beyond Coal Western Regional Campaign Representative, Sierra Club EPPTC

Emily Keeler, Growing Gardens EPPTC

Becky Kelley, President, Washington Environmental Council E42

Tracy Kennedy, NextStep Recycling EPPTC

Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong, Community Engagement and Public Involvement Manager, Portland Parks & Recreation E42

Kahil Kettering, Biscayne Restoration Program Analyst, National Parks Conservation Association 2042 Today

Mafruza Khan, Enhancing the Field Director, Environmental Grantmakers Association E42 National

Christina Khatri, Executive Assistant, The Trust for Public Land 2042 Today

Koto Kishida, Natural Resource Specialist, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality EPPTC

Gerik Kransky, Advocacy Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance E42

Jim Labbe, Urban Conservationist, Audubon Society of Portland EPPTC

Karen LaFrance, Vice President, Sonoran Audubon Society EPPTC

Kim Laizer, Education Director, NatureBridge EPPTC

Glenn Lamb, Executive Director, Columbia Land Trust E42

David Lamfrom, California Desert Senior Program Manager, National Parks Conservation Association EPPTC

Brandon Lampkin, Environmental Educator, Portland Parks & Recreation 2042 Today

Serena Larkin, Communications Associate, Sightline Institute EPPTC

Aana Lauckhart, Partnership & Outreach Director, Quixote Foundation, Inc. EPPTC

Amanda Lawrence, Program Manager, Josiah Hill Clinic E42

Glenda S. Lee,
Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment EPPTC

Mona Lemoine, Executive Director, Cascadia Green Building Council EPPTC

Jonnie Ling, Director of Operations, Community Cycling Center E42 EE

Deanna Lloyd, Director, The Forest Group EPPTC

Mary Logalbo, West Multnomah SWCD EPPTC

Rob Loucks, Communications Coordinator, Confluence Environmental Center EPPTC

Susan Lunden, Chief Operating Officer, National Audubon Society E42 National

Tim Lynch, Climate & Energy Coordinator, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability EPPTC

Katie Lynd, Food Policy Coordinator, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability EPPTC

Guillermo A. Maciel, Policy Advisor, Multnomah County Chair’s Office E42

Daniel Macphee, Farm Manager and Educator, Yale Sustainable Food Project 2042 Today

Stephanie Maddin, Legislative Counsel, Policy & Legislation Office, Earthjustice EPPTC

Nichole Maher, President & CEO, Northwest Health Foundation E42

Karin Malbrough, Girls Inc E42 EE

Nancy Manning, Executive Director, Travis Audubon EPPTC

Pepe Marcos-Iga, International Programs Manager, The Environmental Education Exchange EPPTC

Jen Martinez, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Bexar County, Texas 2042 Today

Michelle Martinez, Public Policy Associate, Consortium of Hispanic Agencies 2042 Today

Audrey Matsumonji, US Forest Service EPPTC

Ginny McGinn, Executive Director, Center for Whole Communities 2042 Today

Tiffany McGuyer, Senior Organizer, Washington Conservation Voters, Washington Environmental Council E42

Hannah McHardy, Student 2042 Today

Ayana Meade, Founding Member, Society of Environmental Journalists; Co-Chair Society of Environmental Journalists Diversity Task Force 2042 Today

Katie Meckes, East Multnomah SWCD EPPTC

Kate Mendenhall, Executive Director, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York 2042 Today

Scott Miller, Senior Program Officer, The Russell Family Foundation EPPTC

Weston Miller, Oregon State University Extension EPPTC

Jason Miner, Executive Director, 1000 Friends of Oregon E42

Maria Mondragon-Davis, Conflict Management and Prevention Program Manager, USDA Forest Service EPPTC

Courteny Morehouse, Co-Chair, Diversity & Social Justice Committee, Bainbridge Graduate Institute EPPTC

Rashad Morris, Climate & Clean Energy Advocate, Washington Environmental Council; Program Officer, Bullitt Foundation EPPTC, E42 National

John Mullen, Manager, Oregon State Parks EPPTC

Renee Myers, Forest Park Conservancy EPPTC

Sudha Nandagopal, Strategic Advisor, Seattle Public Utilities E42

Jose Narvaez, Student EPPTC

Robert Nathan, Director of Outreach and Technology, Northwest Earth Institute 2042 Today, EE42 EE

Joanna Nelson, Green Seattle Partnership Project Manager, Cascade Land Conservancy EPPTC

Jennifer Nelson, Tualatin SWCD EPPTC

Heather Nelson-Kent, Grants Program Manager, Metro Regional Government EPPTC, E42

Timothy Nitz, Superintendent, National Park Service E42

Juan Carlos Ocana-Chiu, Equity Program Analyst, Metro E42 EE

Ely O’Connor, Clean Water Services EPPTC

Kris Olson, Director, Board of Directors, Westwind Stewardship Group EPPTC

Aaron Ostrum, Executive Director, Fuse Washington EPPTC

Ryan Owens, Executive Director, Monadnock Conservancy 2042 Today

Sam Passmore, Environment Program Director, C.S. Mott Foundation EPPTC

Monica Patel, Policy Specialist, Ecology Center EPPTC

Sahar Pathi, City of Seattle EPPTC

Jennifer Payne, Metro/Oregon Zoo EPPTC

Sara Peel, Director of Watershed Projects, Wabash River Enhancement Corporation 2042 Today

Ernesto Pepito, Associate Director of Youth Leadership, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Crissy Field Center 2042 Today

Dana Perez, Zone EEO Manager, US Fish & Wildlife Service EPPTC

Pam Phan, Co-Chair, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon E42

Tremaine Phillips, Energy Program Associate, Michigan Environmental Council EPPTC

Giselle Piantedosi, Director of Human Resources, Union of Concerned Scientists EPPTC

Michelle Piñon, Volunteer Coordinator, Puget Soundkeeper EPPTC

Rebecca Poswolsky, Field Organizer on Race, Migration & Environment, Center for New Communities EPPTC

Kim Powe, Sustainability Consultant, Independent EPPTC, E42

Holly Powers, Program Officer, The Russell Family Foundation EPPTC, 2042 Today

Angela Previdelli, EMSWCD EPPTC

Traci Price, Statewide Coordinator, Environmental Literacy Initiative, Gray Family Foundation E42

Dan Prince, Coordinator, MESD Outdoor School E42 EE

Stephanie Puhl, Vice President, Board of Directors, Tualatin Riverkeepers E42, 2042 Today

Deborah Purce, Education Coordinator, Environmental Learning for Kids EPPTC

Susie Qashu, Volunteer, National Parks Conservation Association EPPTC

Kamoa Quitevis, Lead Researcher, Office of Hawaiian Affairs 2042 Today

Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, National Outdoor Leadership School EPPTC

Lauren Randall, Press Secretary, Sierra Club EPPTC

Shefali Ranganathan, Director of Programs, Transportation Choices Coalition EPPTC 2011

Mamun Rashid, EPPTC

Wenix Red Elk, Public Outreach and Education Specialist, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservations, Department of Natural Resources E42

Savitha Reddy Pathi, Development Director, Climate Solutions E42

Meryl Redisch, Executive Director, Audubon Society of Portland EPPTC, E42

Suk Rhee, Vice President, Strategy & Community Partnership, Northwest Health Foundation E42

Jenn Rieskamp, Program Coordinator, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education EPPTC

Dianne Riley, Equity Agenda Coordinator, Coalition for a Livable Future EPPTC, E42

Joseph Ringold, Co-Chair, Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Seattle Public Utilities EPPTC

Raynelle Rino-Southon, Self-Employed, The D Word, Creating a Niche for Diversity 2042 Today

Estrella Risinger, Teacher Engagement Coordinator, NatureBridge EPPTC

Christy Rocca, Crissy Field Center Director, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy E42 National

Sandra L. Rodriguez, Media Relations Manager, The Nature Conservancy E42 National

Alberto Rodríguez, Education & Outreach Manager, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition 2042 Today

Allison Rogers, Director of Policy, Rhode Island Department of Administration 2042Today

Kasandra Rohrbach, Emerging Leaders Initiative Manager, National Wildlife Federation 2042 Today

Jessica Ronald, Diversity Effectiveness Representative, Sierra Club EPPTC

Anthony Rosado, Urban Forestry Corps: Seattle, Student Conservation Association EPPTC

John Rowden, Manager of Citizen Science, NYC Audubon EPPTC

Gladys Ruiz, Eastside Conservation Education Coordinator, Audubon Society of Portland EPPTC, E42

Jennifer Rushlow, Staff Attorney, Food & Farm Initiative Director, Conservation Law Foundation 2042 Today

Jodie Salz, Stewardship Project Manager, Cascade Land Conservancy EPPTC

Aimee Samara (Krouskop), Consultant, Facilitator, Mediator, Samara Consulting EPPTC

Chuck Sams, Director of Communications, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation E42

Yvonne Sandoval, Founder, Sixth Sun Consulting EPPTC

Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, Community Development Coordinator, Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization; Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon EPPTC

Skye Schell, Community Engagement Manager, Cascade Land Conservancy EPPTC

Irene Schwoeffermann, Program Coordinator, Coalition for a Livable Future 2042 Today

Jonathan Scott, Director of Land Protection, Northern Virginia Conservation Trust 2042 Today

Jennifer Seamans, SW Neighborhoods Inc/SW Watershed Resource Center EPPTC

Sarah Ann Shanahan, Midwest Clean Energy Coordinator, Clean Wisconsin EPPTC

Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director, Alliance for Climate Education, Inc. E42 National

Sheryl Shapiro, Program Manager, Community Advisory Committee, Seattle Public Utilities EPPTC

Kristin Sharpless, Education Programs Coordinator, National Audubon Society 2042 Today

Denise Shea, Director of Volunteer Programs, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy EPPTC

Kathy Shearin, EMSWCD EPPTC

Amelia Shenstone, Organizing Manager, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy EPPTC

Jennifer Simms, Board Chair, Columbia Land Trust E42

Monica Smiley, Executive Director, Friends of Tryon Creek E42, 2042 Today

Evan Smith, Vice President of Conservation Ventures, The Conservation Fund EPPTC, E42

Jerod Smith, Project Assistant, Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust 2042Today

Kathryn Sofich, Chair, Board of Directors, Community Cycling Center EPPTC, E42

Amy Solomon, Program Officer, Bullitt Foundation EPPTC

Antonio Solorio, Park Ranger, National Park Service EPPTC

Giovannina Souers, Broadening Participation Coordinator, Seattle Aquarium EPPTC

Travis Southworth-Neumeyer, COO, Trackers Earth, Inc. E42 EE

Courtney Stackhouse, Diversity Program Coordinator, The Wildlife Society 2042 Today

Jamie Stamberger, Principal, Stamberger Outreach Consulting E42 EE

Pavlos Stavropoulos, Sustainability Coordinator, Woodbine Ecology Center EPPTC

Megan Stein, Business Outreach, City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability EPPTC

Lori Stepper, Diversity Programs & Camp Director, Friends of Tryon Creek E42 EE

Laura Stevens, Associate Field Organizer, Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club of Oregon EPPTC

Meredith Stone, Program Manager, Student Conservation Association Seattle EPPTC

Robin Straughan, Sustainability Coordinator, Washington County EPPTC

Vashti “Tice” Suplee, Director of Bird Conservation, Arizona Audubon EPPTC

Erin Switalski, Executive Director, Women’s Voices for the Earth EPPTC

Anna Switzer, FieldScope Developer, National Geographic Society EPPTC

Erika Symmonds, Program Manager, Green City Force 2042 Today

Ann Takamoto, Development Director, Audubon Society of Portland E42 EE

Chandra Taylor, Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center E42 National

Mychal Tetteh, Executive Director, Community Cycling Center EPPTC, E42 EE

Amy Thomas, Engineer, USDA Forest Service EPPTC

Camila Thorndike, Student, Whitman College 2042 Today

Whitney Tome, Fisheries Forum Senior Project Manager, Environmental Defense Fund 2042 Today

Lan Tran, Biodiversity Outreach Educator, Student Conservation Association AmeriCorps, New York State Department of Conservation 2042 Today

Maria Tranguch, South Jersey Metro Regional Manager, New Jersey Conservation Foundation 2042 Today

Gwendolyn Trice, Executive Director, Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center E42

Stacey Triplett, Senior Managing Analyst, Metro Regional Government E42

Olena Turula, Park and Natural Areas Planner, Metro EPPTC

Stephen Twelker, Human Resources Manager, River Network EPPTC

Anne Umali Ferguson, EECapacity Program Manager, National Audubon Society EPPTC

Allison Van Gorp, Urban Policy Director, Cascade Land Conservancy EPPTC

Mieko Van Kirk, Operations Manager, Sightline Institute EPPTC, E42

Lisa Van Laanen, Director, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department E42

Jody Van Riper, Urban Nature Overnights Program Coordinator, Metro E42 EE

Jazmin Varela, Information Manager, The Conservation Fund 2042 Today

Jumana Vasi, Program Officer, Environment Program, C.S. Mott Foundation E42 National

Fernando Villalba, Natural Resource Specialist, Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park, National Park Service 2042 Today

Sherry Wagner, Director, PNW Region, USDA Forest Service EPPTC

August Wagner-Richardson, Milwaukee Program Manager, Student Conservation Association EPPTC

Kimberly Walsh, Executive Director, Chesapeake Education, Arts and Research Society 2042Today

Carol Warden, Manager of Senior Staff Recruitment, National Audubon Society EPPTC

John Wasiutynski, Resource Conservation Coordinator, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability EPPTC

Angela Watkins, MWESB Program Coordinator, Metro Regional Government EPPTC

Sean Mark Watts former Director, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars EPPTC

Amit Weitzer, Detroit Program Coordinator, Student Conservation Association EPPTC

Kathleen West, Sustainability Program Manager, Multnomah County Office of Sustainability EPPTC

Michael Wetter, Executive Director, The Intertwine E42

Megan Wilhite, Workforce Development/ADA Coordinator, Colorado Parks & Wildlife EPPTC

Barry Williams Diversity Project Coordinator, Conservation Trust for North Carolina 2042 Today

Desiree Williams-Rajee, Equity Specialist, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability E42

Wendy Willis, Director of Research and Development, National Policy Consensus Center EPPTC

Wei Ying Wong, Communications Project Coordinator, The Ocean Project EPPTC

Lilita Wood, Independent Consultant; Lead Instructor, Outward Bound E42 National

Greg Wooley, Co-Founder & Vice President, African American Outdoor Association E42

Jude Wu, Senior Director of Strategy Analysis, Conservation International 2042 Today

Matthew Wyatt, Regional Field Organizer, Real Food Challenge, Sierra Student Coalition Executive Committee 2042 Today

Ellen Wyoming, Metro Regional Government EPPTC

Christina Yagjian, Associate Washington Representative, Clean Energy and Climate Policy, Sierra Club 2042 Today

Anita Yap, Principal, A. Yap & Associates E42

Jackie Yerby, Sustainability Program Manager, Cambia Health Solutions E42

Colleen Yout, Associate Director of Programs, Appalachian Mountain Club 2042 Today

Joe Zehnder, Chief Planner, City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability E42