This 3-day retreat will introduce participants to a handful of practices and their underlying philosophies from the Chinese wisdom traditions. Through these practices, we will explore the ways our mental and emotional states influence our work, our health, and our happiness. These time-honored traditions can reduce stress, boost awareness and mental clarity, and improve our overall well-being, while supporting us through the challenges that our daily work brings our way. These teachings will also guide us down the path to increased empathy and compassion.

Over the course of this retreat we will be exploring practices and philosophies from several spiritual and religious traditions. We will share these practices in the same way my masters have shared them with me, allowing space for participants from all backgrounds and belief systems to feel welcomed and honored. This work can be challenging and deeply personal; we will work to create a supportive space for participants to fully engage in this inner work.

This course has been designed to support professionals engaged in equity and inclusion work; we will actively examine the parallels and connections between this inner work and our efforts to affect positive social and cultural change. There are no prerequisites other than the willingness to fully engage this work with an open mind.

Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This course will provide participants with practices and perspectives that allow us to do just that, while also nurturing and supporting ourselves through the challenges that this work can bring.