Regional Equity Atlas Project

Using data from maps, the purpose of the project is to advance equity – the right of every person to have access to opportunities necessary for satisfying essential needs and advancing their well-being – as a key component of the Portland metropolitan region’s development. The project involves a number of partners, including the Coalition for a Liveable Future(and its over 90 member organizations) and Portland State University’sInstitute of Portland Metropolitan Studies (IMS) and Center for Population Research. Sprawl is ultimately more costly for everyone, including the poor, than growth management done right. This project helps to address how to distribute the burdens and benefits of growth more fairly, and how to use growth management strategies to reduce inequities in the region. It will especially help develop new ways of planning for people, not just places.

Conservation Based Affordable Housing (CBAH) (Arendt’s NC sites) (Report on Conservation Based Affordable Housing)

Randall Arendt, renowned landscape architect, developed conservation based affordable housing plans for three North Carolina sites. He met with local community development corporations working to develop affordable housing. Funded by a Clean Water Management Trust Fund grant, Arendt’s site designs create high quality neighborhoods by preserving open space and protecting critical natural areas, while minimizing cost.

Building Capacity Through Diversity Project

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A project that sought to foster a more diverse and inclusive grassroots movement around health, housing, land use, and environmental justice.  Participants engaged in a series of anti-racist, anti-oppression trainings to examine the barriers that exist among their communities and in their work.

Pickup & Go

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Earthwise Productions, Inc. founders, Audrey and Frank Peterman, publish this newsletter about “African Americans enjoying the wonders of Nature in our National Parks and Forests.”

The Koi Group’s Environmental Resources

The Koi Group specializes in cultural change initiatives and building multicultural collaborations, staff and organizational development, group/meeting facilitation, and team building. Its clients include a variety of environmental organizations, and its website includes diversity resources for environmental audiences.

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