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Position Description

The Center for Diversity & the Environment (CDE) is seeking a part-time Operations Assistant for its operations located in Portland, Oregon.

About Center for Diversity & the Environment

Because of the growing number of environmental professionals and institutions seeking to challenge and change the environmental movement’s dominant homogeneous, unintentionally exclusive culture, the Center for Diversity & the Environment was created in 2008. With the rapidly changing demographics of the U.S. and our commitment to successfully protecting the planet now and far into the future, we are an organization that is creating a more equitable, diverse, inclusive, relevant, and successful environmental movement for all.

The Center for Diversity & the Environment racially and ethnically diversifies the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, diversifying institutions, and building community. We envision a healthy, flourishing planet and society that sustainably and equitably meets the needs of all its citizens through an environmental movement that is diverse, inclusive, successful, vibrant, and relevant, taking into account the needs, perspectives, and voices of all. By serving as an advocate, strategist, convener, connector, and educator for diversifying the environmental movement, CDE is building a movement of leaders and institutions representing a broad cross-section of the environmental issues that are dedicated to a more inclusive and unified movement. Often through enriching and transformational experiences, we reach thousands of environmental professionals and people of color across the U.S.

About the Center for Diversity & the Environment Programs

CDE provides transformational leadership development programs, organizational diversity services, and community/movement building efforts. Our core programs and services include:

• Environment 2042 Leadership Program—Our highly impactful and transformational experience for top leaders and diversity change agents that exemplifies a diverse, inclusive culture, demonstrating how environmental institutions will need to operate for success in the 21st Century, especially by 2043 when the U.S. will be over 50% people of color.

• Equity Engagement and Strategy Session—A process that supports organizations to be more effective and strategic at diversity, equity, and inclusion.Center for Diversity & the Environment, PO Box 10598, Portland, OR 97296

• Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC)—A national network of people of color who are working to create a more sustainable future for all. Many are often the only person or one of the few people of color working in environmental institutions.

CDE’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion is infused in every aspect of its operations, both externally and internally. We understand that we must be intentional at regularly challenging power and privilege and the dominant, homogeneous culture if we seek change. Through curiosity, humility, compassion, and courage, we are an organization committed to continual improvement, growth, and evolution in equity, diversity, and inclusion in all facets of our work.

About the Operations Assistant Position

The Operations Assistant will work directly with the executive director and will play a unique and critical role in the overall administrative duties for CDE. The Operations Assistant will provide overall support to ensure administrative and operational duties within the organization remain on track for timely delivery. He or she needs to be comfortable and have the flexibility to work effectively in an entrepreneurial setting for a growing organization. Primary duties will be assisting with financial management, fundraising administration, database management, meeting preparation, and client communications. The Operations Assistant will also manage independent projects as needed.

The Operations Assistant will work in a dynamic office environment that requires creativity, initiative, flexibility, and the ability to work both independently and in a team setting. CDE is a Mac-based office with the Executive Director’s home office as the primary work setting. The Operations Assistant will need to have the technological expertise and flexibility to work and manage operations from various locations.

The Operations Assistant will:


• Communicate in a professional and effective manner both verbally and in writing using tact, discretion, and courtesy.

• Represent the organization in a professional manner.

• Build and maintain relationships with CDE support services representatives, partners, and associates.

• Complete incoming and routine administrative work to meet program and organization timelines and deadlines, including package delivery, mail sorting, and filing.

• Assist with meeting arrangements: schedule meetings, secure meeting locations, take meeting notes and distribute to meeting participants, arrange conference calls as needed.

• Assist Executive Director with board meetings and retreats: meeting packet development,facility arrangements, food procurement, identify and procure materials/supplies.

• Event coordination and management: Provide support services for conference andworkshop activities, such as creating and sending invitations, identifying locations,caterers, and other vendors, and coordinating planning meetings.

• Travel: Research and identify lodging and transportation, develop an itinerary, secure andconfirm reservations, and administer reimbursements.

• Prepare and maintain cloud-based and hard copy files and records.

• Conduct research that supports organization decision-making.


• Under the direction of the Executive Director, develop fee for service proposals, contracts, and invoices.

• Assist Executive Director with individual donor, donation management, and regular communication with major donors.

• Assist Executive Director with grant proposals and grant management; organize data for grant reporting purposes.

• Schedule major fundraising deadlines and benchmarks, such as letters of interest, proposals, Requests for Proposals, and grant reports (interim and final). Work with Executive Director to ensure timelines and deadlines are matched.


• Financial assistance: organize, track and reconcile documentation (i.e. receipts, invoices, deposits) of expenses, revenue and payroll data.

• Work with bookkeeper to record and code revenue and expenses; prepare and submit quarterly financial reports.

• Work with CPA to assist with annual tax form preparation.

• Work with payroll firm and bank representatives as needed.

• Serve as a liaison between the Executive Director and the bookkeeper, CPA, payroll firm,bank, and others.

• Manage online credit card processing programs (Square and Paypal).


• Communication: answer and/or reply to phone calls, emails, and letters in a timely manner.

• Media: Assist in creating PowerPoint presentations, take photos and/or videos at events and produce brochures/flyers.

• Media: post information and/or administer website, Facebook, Twitter, email lists, and/or other communications as needed


• HR—Assist in the development of internal organizational handbooks.

• Projects—Manage independent projects related to CDE operations, such as vendor research and selection.


CDE will consider experience from professional, school and community settings. CDE will consider both formal and lived experience.

In this role the Operations Assistant will become familiar with CDE programs, partners, sponsors, funders, and staff. The Operations Assistant should possess the ability to develop professional relationships with individuals working within the environmental, conservation, sustainability, diversity, and equity fields.

She or he should have experience creating documents and responses using current day technologies. The Operations Assistant will routinely use email, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software and must be detail-oriented. She or he should also possess the ability to work in a cloud-based work environment.

The Operations Assistant must have:

• Ideally 2+ years experience of administration, office management or executive assistant experience.

• The ability to use Microsoft software products (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and other administrative technologies (Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs, Constant Contact, Basecamp).

• Familiarity with Apple products and software and cloud-based technologies.

• Familiarity with virtual meeting tools such as conference call programs, Skype, and FaceTime.

• Proven ability to write and email effectively using various email programs.

• Experience in developing and maintaining effective fiscal and programmatic tracking andreporting systems for efficient documentation of fiscal data/info, projects, programs, andgrant associated accomplishments.

• Proven ability to conduct internet research, email effectively, and manage social media.

• Experience working independently and as a member of a team.

• Willingness to learn and use new technologies.

• Willingness to create efficient processes and systems that benefit the organization

Personal Attributes

Much of this position involves working conscientiously and independently. This position also involves effectively communicating and working with staff, partners, constituents, donors, and volunteers. The Operations Assistant must have the presence, humility, and interpersonal skills to work effectively and professionally with a diverse range of people from different environments and sectors.

The Operations Assistant must also have:

• Experience, interest, and a sense of curiosity regarding equity, diversity, and/or inclusion.

• Motivation, curiosity, approachability, and an openness to input from others.

• Strong interpersonal skills.

• Creativity and flexibility in this small growing organization.

• Keen attention to details.

• A good sense of humor.

Preferred (but not required) Qualifications and Attributes

• Experience with and/or connections to the environmental/diversity community and communities of color.

• Bilingual or multilingual.

• Familiarity with environmental issues.

• Human Resources experience

Compensation and Benefits

• Position is 20-25 hours per week, 12 months per year.

• Schedule: Days of week and work hours are flexible and will be mutually agreed uponwith Executive Director.

• $15.00/hour (non-exempt).

• Location of work: Executive Director’s home office and telecommuting.

• Reimbursement for work related travel and work expenses.

• Opportunity to network and develop relationships with numerous professionals andcommunity organizations.

• Benefits package.

To Apply

Please email your resume, cover letter, and references to and refer in the subject line “CDE Operations Assistant Position”.

Deadline for applications is 5:00 pm, June 27, 2013. We encourage you to email applications ASAP as interviews will be rolling and will begin on June 20, 2013, before the application deadline.

Position start date is July 16, 2013.

CDE is committed to building a team of people of diverse ethnic, cultural, and experiential backgrounds.

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