Abigail Bagasao Sarmac

Meet Abby

Abby has worked over twenty years in philanthropy, non-profit and for-profit social ventures, environmental conservation and sustainable community development in Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Peru. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, she also knows just enough to get into serious trouble in Tagalog (the Philippines), Portuguese and Wolof (Senegal). Abby is excited to bring these perspectives to bear in support of mission-led organizations here in the Pacific Northwest.

A smattering of current and past organizations she’s been affiliated with include: the Meyer Memorial Trust, the Collins Foundation, IMPAQTO (an accelerator of social enterprises in Ecuador), the United Nations, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Global Social Benefit Institute (one of the world’s longest-running social enterprise accelerators) and the Government of Uruguay. Abby also serves on the Investment Committee of VertueLab, Oregon’s premier green tech accelerator.

One theme that has pervaded her work is giving voice to those not typically engaged. She’s excited to learn more with CDE.

When not trying to beat her email inbox into submission, she’s growing food in her garden, singing with family only slightly off key, accompanied by the various musical instruments cluttering up the living room, dancing with her husband or finding ways to get outside.

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