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We guide organizations through a change process that lays a path toward the meaningful integration of equity and diversity into the organization’s strategic plan. Our capacity building trainings establish a strong foundation to support organizational transformation. Our Equity Engagement and Strategy Process facilitates the development of an organizational diversity and inclusion strategy grounded in a strong vision, enabling an organization to move forward both strategically and effectively. Ongoing engagement with us can include tailored trainings and workshops, coaching and consulting, and, for groups well along in the change process, an equity audit.

We work with a wide array of groups that share our vision of a healthy environment, including nonprofits, funders, community-based and community-specific organizations, networks and alliances, and public agencies.


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Equity Programs

Equity Engagement & Strategy Process
Designed for organizations that seek to develop an organizational equity, diversity, inclusion, healing justice and liberation strategy.

Equity Audit
An equity, diversity, inclusion, healing justice, and liberation assessment tool that illuminates an organization’s current reality and provides strategic direction for the path forward.


Organizational Coaching & Consulting
CDE provides ongoing coaching and consulting services for organizations with which we have already done foundational work.

Leadership Coaching & Consulting
CDE offers leadership coaching and consulting services to individual clients who have taken part in foundational work with us.

Trainings & Workshops

Organizational Trainings
In addition to Building the Foundation and Exploring Power, Privilege, and Tools for Change, we offer tailored organizational trainings and workshops.

“The work of CDE has made a deep impact across the country. And many people see the country as so divisive, but I hear people saying more and more that there is uniting around the environment and around the kind of approach that CDE has.” – Environment 2024 Leadership Program Alumnus