We work with a wide array of organizations and individuals whose work intersects with the health of our environment. We believe everyone has a role to play in achieving our vision of healthy and flourishing planet and society. Our clients work in a range of fields, including ecosystem health and restoration, land conservation, environmental and climate justice, public agencies and natural resource management, and business and industry.


At CDE we are deeply grateful for the support that individuals, organizations, and foundations have shared with us. The ways in which people share are as unique as our beautiful community. There is a saying that reflects the ways in which giving can heal: “A lo dado, no se le da fin” / “What is given, has no end.” You have helped us through the storms, celebrated with us, taught us, learned with us, and helped impact a movement. iAdelante!


Program Associate Collective:

CDE’s Program Associate Collective is a growing network of facilitators. From executive directors at major environmental nonprofits to environmental education consultants, this associate pool is a powerful collective of change agents representing various dimensions of diversity, training styles and approaches. The majority are E42 alumni who now lead CDE’s courses, coaching sessions and workshops.

Racial Equity Institute:

CDE partners with The Racial Equity Institute (REI) in our advanced leadership development programs to provide an unflinching examination of the complexities of race and power in our country. REI’s trainers and organizers have a combined 50 years of experience in community organizing and anti-racist training. They work from a movement approach to organizational transformation, recognizing the interconnectedness of all institutions and, therefore, the organizations that compose them. This principle-centered approach relies on collective wisdom, returning power to communities served, reflection and evaluation.

The Leaven Community:

Our office is located at the Leaven Community Common House in Northeast Portland, where we share space and synergy with eleven other community-based organizations who are committed to working in a relational culture on our shared missions and visions of sustainably creating, collaborating, and organizing for more just and equitable communities.

“The work of CDE has made a deep impact across the country. And many people see the country as so divisive, but I hear people saying more and more that there is uniting around the environment and around the kind of approach that CDE has.” – Environment 2024 Leadership Program Alumnus