For those who are newly embarking upon diversity work, this 2½-day course is the first step of a dynamic and rewarding journey. Diversity and inclusion work is not swift: it is an iterative process of awareness building, information gathering, analysis, vision development, planning, and action. There is no magic shortcut. We start by creating a safe space and a forum for deep learning, honest exploration and open dialogue. From here, we begin to develop an understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion in our lives, our relationships and our work, and explore the many dimensions of diversity in our personal and professional interactions.

This includes:

  • building self-awareness;
  • developing a common language to describe the fundamental principles of diversity, inclusion, racism, and equity; recognizing the behaviors of racism and of inclusion;
  • evaluating and acknowledging problem areas (barriers to inclusion); understanding the case for action;
  • evaluating the impact of equity, inclusion, and diversity in our work settings and our communities;
  • developing a willingness to stretch and change;
  • and committing to a process that is, by nature, dynamic.

The work before us is both a great challenge and a wonderful opportunity!