Center for Diversity & the Environment

We believe the environmental movement must evolve as a field to better care for the planet, people and all beings. It will require a system-wide shift in how we approach environmentalism, our relationships with each other, and our place within the natural world. Our work focuses on growing a strong and diverse network of leaders to envision, instigate and guide this transformation.

Upcoming Courses & Events

Announcement of open enrollment for Building the Foundation course, which will be held Sept 9-13, 2024 from 9am to 1pm each day. This course will be virtual.

Building the Foundation

Building the Foundation is the first step in a dynamic and rewarding journey. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting…

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"This experience affirmed that it is 100% worth taking time to unlearn, re-learn and heal with others" - The Inner Work Participant

The Inner Work

We believe that in order to transform the environmental movement on a deep, systemic level, we must address racialized trauma. …

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Our Approach

Inspiring transformation rooted in love

We work from the inside out, engaging people’s minds, hearts and hands. Our minds bring us to new awareness and analysis; our hearts drive our motivation to engage in this work; and our hands lead us to action.

What We Do

For Individuals

We offer transformational leadership opportunities for individuals who wish to become effective change agents in their organizations and communities.

For Organizations

We support organizations along the change continuum, from the establishment of a solid foundation to customized programs that help them navigate this nuanced work.

Movement Building

We support coalition building, network coordination and community engagement to bridge the historical divide between the highly funded, white dominant environmental movement and Indigenous, Black and People of Color who have been excluded from decision-making tables, and whose cultural values have been silenced in mainstream dialogue.

Who We Are

Our growing community

Since our beginning in 2008, we’ve supported organizations and individuals to build their ability to shift power within the environmental movement. We believe everyone has a role in this evolution. We work with people of all backgrounds and identities, while centering the leadership of communities most impacted by environmental racism. We were founded and continue to be led by Indigenous, Black and People of Color.


“Decolonizing is removing and breaking down long-established systems that maintain the power of the smaller group of people who have come in and taken power, and allowing for self-determination of the Indigenous communities.” —Manuel Oliva, CDE course participant, “In Their Own Words”

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