Transformational Leadership

Building The Foundation

This 2½-day, in-person course (or 5-day virtual training, 4 hours per day) is the first step in a dynamic and rewarding journey. Diversity and inclusion work is not swift; it is an iterative process of awareness building, information gathering, analysis, vision development, planning, and action. There is no magic shortcut. For both the seasoned practitioner and those just starting out, Building the Foundation re-frames equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, and liberation as a lifelong, fulfilling journey.

CDE facilitators ground in emergent practices, meeting each participant where they are in terms of their unique experiences and analysis. We start by creating a forum for deep learning, honest exploration, and open dialogue. From there, we begin to develop an understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our lives, our relationships, and our work. We explore the many dimensions of diversity in our personal and professional interactions along with tools to build on strengths and engage in effective action.

Participants will:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Develop a common language to describe the fundamental principles of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Recognize the behaviors of racism and of inclusion
  • Evaluate and acknowledge problem areas (barriers to inclusion)
  • Understand the case for action
  • Evaluate the impact in our work settings and our communities.
  • Develop a willingness to stretch and change
  • Commit to a process that is, by nature, dynamic

Building the Foundation is a precursor to Exploring Power, Privilege and Tools for Change.

All Programs

Building the Foundation

An entry-point for individuals just starting out or wishing to strengthen the foundation of their equity work

Exploring Power, Privilege and Tools for Change

An intermediate course for individuals ready to take their equity work to the next level of action

Environment 2042 Leadership Program

A multi-month immersive leadership development program for individuals well-along in their equity work

The Inner Work

Courses designed for community connection and healing

Decoding Whiteness

A course for people in the environmental movement to identify, name and dismantle patterns of white supremacy in their lives and work

Leadership Coaching & Consulting

CDE offers leadership coaching and consulting services to individual clients who have taken part in foundational work with us.

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